A conscious and guided choice in the wide offer of creams and products for the well-being of the face skin is the best choice, but not the easiest.

The customer can be attracted by the price or by the particular stand in which the product is conveyed. But he is not always led to make the right choice, and especially when faced with the wide range of products to which he is subjected, he can create confusion and therefore be unwilling to buy.

The best formula to remove doubts and uncertainties is to direct the customer to a conscious purchase and, first of all, to advise on the type of skin on which the cream will be applied.

But today a tool that can, in complete autonomy for the customer, help in making the right choice and that can be purchased in the resale channel does not exist!

According to this, I.P.S. (International Products and Services) in order to satisfy the numerous requests in this sense, has created the new BEAUTY KIT: the practical and unique case equipped with 3 different types of cosmetic testers for the face.


cosmetic tester supplier

In each package of BEAUTY KIT we find: SKIN TEST (skin type indicator), HYDRATION TEST (hydration indicator) and WRINKLE TEST (indicator of the presence of wrinkles and expression lines).

Once you have chosen the type of tester to use according to your needs, just apply the patch on the face and in a few seconds you will have the result.

BEAUTY KIT is the innovative 100% MADE IN ITALY tool that allows, in a simple and autonomous way, to know which type of facial cosmetic to use.

BEAUTY KIT is also completely reliable: each patch is disposable and this allows the customer, every time, to carry out the test safely.

BEAUTY KIT is suitable for the pharmacy channel, large-scale distribution and to be offered in all online boutiques dedicated to the world of cosmetics and personal care.