Make a successful cosmetics business with IPS Beauty Kit

Business and success are two words that go hand in hand within a market vision. The primary intent of each investor is to achieve maximum yield with a minimum initial investment, relying on a sector or product that offers sufficiently safe and interesting prospects. Knowing how to sniff out these opportunities, and thus achieve the result, is anything but simple and immediate.

 In fact, we must always keep in mind that when you bet on a product or a company, you are getting involved in a free market that is global, therefore you are entering into competition with the whole world. This means having to compete with many competitors, which forces us to find alternative strategies or innovative products on which to base our business projects.

The cosmetics industry also follows these unwritten rules, given the global reach achieved by its largest multinational companies. The beauty market is extremely competitive, the offer is truly varied, and knowing how to stand out is not always easy. Despite this, the world of cosmetics still offers countless opportunities, which must be seized in this moment of crisis. Among these we find the IPS proposal, which has decided to put its many years of experience at the service of this reality for the creation of Beauty Kit, the set of cosmetic testers for personal use.


Beauty Kit: the set of cosmetic testers for resale in the cosmetic field

This product is mainly aimed at retailers in the GDO sector, but also at the owners of perfumeries and pharmacies. In fact, our Beauty Kit consists of a cosmetic set designed to test three different aspects of the skin of the face, in order to establish which treatments and treatments are best suited to the type of skin encountered. The goal is to offer a complete tool that allows those who use it to understand their skin type in a few moments. Let's see in detail what these 3 testers are:

cosmetic tester for resale

  • Skin Test

    This disposable tester should be applied to the face for a few seconds, after which it should be compared with the legend to determine if the skin face is dry, normal or oily. In this way you can better orient yourself in the choice of the most suitable cosmetic creams and scrubs for your skin type.

  • Hydration Test

    This tester, on the other hand, is able to detect the level of skin hydration, also thanks to contact with the face skin. The results can be good, medium or poor, and thanks to this test you may find that you need to replenish fluids in your body, but above all to apply a moisturizer on the driest areas.

  • Wrinkle Test
    This tester was designed to offer an immediate and non-invasive check-up to determine the presence of wrinkles and expression lines, which in a few seconds is able to pick up the signs caused by aging. In this way, the customer can be directed to the anti-aging treatment that best suits his needs.


IPS Beauty Kit is the ideal product for retailers and investors in the world of cosmetics, and this not only because it is a useful and complete tool. In fact, this set of testers is an original and intelligent solution to increase the degree of customer satisfaction, who will finally be able to find suitable and effective cosmetic products for their specific condition. All this will only increase the volume of revenues and improve the image of the corporate brand, and so you can truly say that you have created a successful business.