Renew your sales model in the world of cosmetics? The answer is IPS Beauty Kit

The need to renew oneself and know how to adapt to new changes is an innate and natural ability for the human being, it is all that holds up the evolutionist theory that sees our ancestors in apes.

However, if 50,000 years ago the members of our species competed for a favorable and fertile plot of land, now they fight and compete on the global free market. In addition to a clear difference in the numbers of people involved in the two realities, this increase in the number ofcompetitors has made it essential for every merchant or entrepreneur to be able to distinguishthemselves and retain the greatest number of customers. To survive the challenges of everyday life, and perhaps even aim beyond simple "survival", it is necessary to be willing to make greaterefforts, iron determination, but above all to have a good product to offer.

The world of cosmetics does not escape these rules, quite the opposite: the beauty market has never been so competitive and saturated. Add to this the recent global health-economic crisis, and we will soon understand that today, more than ever, being innovative and original can prove to be the real ace in the hole for our business. IPS has been in the retail sector for many years now, and so it has decided to put its experience at the service of all operators in the world of cosmetics and aesthetics: IPS Beauty Kit is born, the set of testers to discover the status of health of your skin.

Beauty Kit: the set of three skin health testers designed for retail

This special set has been designed to test three fundamental aspects for skin care and treatment: the type of skin, the level of hydration and the presence of wrinkles. The intent is to offer a complete product to quickly know the health of our skin, thus offering a useful service also as a buying guide. Let's see it in detail:

Skin Test

This disposable tester allows you to determine if the skin in the affected area is dry, normal or oily. In this way you will be able to better orient yourself in the choice of cosmetic products and the most suitable and indicated scrubs depending on the type of skin.

Hydratation Test

This tester instead takes care of detecting the level of liquids in our tissues, which can be estimated as good, average or poor. Thanks to this detection, it is possible to understand the need to apply a moisturizer, which is essential in some cases to ensure the proper functioning of the skin.

Wrinkle Test

This tester allows an immediate and non-invasive check-up to determine the level of wrinkles and expression lines, which in a few seconds discovers the signs of aging and directs us to the most suitable anti-aging treatment for the estimated condition.

This Beauty Kit is the perfect product to guide the customer towards the purchase of the right products and the most effective treatments, so it represents an interesting innovation. This will not only improve the degree of satisfaction of your customers, who will see the effectiveness of their efforts increased, but also the image of your brand. A satisfied customer is a customer who appreciates the professionalism of the service, and only in this way can you build a solid reputation that is synonymous with reliability. These values, added to the originality and innovation of this product, can truly prove to be the winning formula for the success of your business.