The new kit of cosmetic testers for personal use for your point of sale

A big novelty is now available for resale in perfumery, pharmacy, large-scale distribution: here is BEAUTY KIT with three practical disposable cosmetic testers, unique on the market.

An innovative KIT composed of three different testers that allow a complete check-up of the facial skin:

SKIN TEST skin type indicator

HYDRATION TEST hydration level indicator

WRINKLE TEST indicator of the presence of wrinkles and expression lines.

Their use is very easy and the result is almost immediate: the check-up is carried out in a few seconds, in complete autonomy and allows you to find out what are the features of our skin to choose the most suitable cosmetic treatment in order to obtain the best beauty results.

Each skin is unique and different so it is important to take care of it with personalized cosmetic treatments.

BEAUTY KIT has been designed for the pharmacy, perfumery, large-scale distribution channel and to be offered in all online boutiques dedicated to the world of cosmetics and personal care.

Beauty Kit is completely non-toxic and safe for the skin and is a 100% made in Italy product.