When clients have little time are highly pretentious ... get help from the Beauty Kit ... 3 patches, 3 moves, 3 immediate responses

Today the time factor is more and more characteristic of our society. Free time is really limited, leading to a lot of frenzy even when shopping in perfumery, pharmacy or healthcare.

Our customers are always in a hurry, they have always arrived before others and increasingly expect the maximum attention of the staff to be guided and served in the shortest possible time.

Although the internal staff of the stores are highly trained and performing, the incidence of related stress is very high, and this increases both performance anxiety and the error rate.

The results can be the most diverse, but cases tend to show how a sales employee who is unnerved by an unfriendly customer can be very unproductive.

The mistake is not of the customer clerk or even the customer, but it is simply the time factor. This distorted perception of the absence of time that stirs moods, exacerbates relationships and tends to decrease sales and therefore turnover.

How can we solve all this efficiently?

We could activate a space-time slowdown so as to be able to gain all the time necessary to build customer loyalty or we could use the Beauty Kit.

BEAUTY KIT is a practical tool that in three quick steps returns the analysis of the skin, indicates hydration and indicates the presence of wrinkles and expression lines.

BEAUTY KIT is completely reliable: each patch is disposable and this allows you to carry out the test safely every time. BEAUTY KIT is a 100% MADE IN ITALY product.

BEAUTY KIT, in a practical case, is composed of three different types of testers for personal use. In each package we find: SKIN TEST (skin type indicator), HYDRATION TEST (hydration indicator) and WRINKLE TEST (indicator of the presence of wrinkles and expression lines). Once you have chosen the type of tester to use according to your needs, just apply the patch on the face and in a few seconds you will have the result.

BEAUTY KIT is the innovative tool that allows, in a simple and autonomous way, to know which type of face cosmetic to use.