Temperature indicator designed to check, with the utmost simplicity, if the wine is at the right tasting temperature. Unbreakable and reusable.

It is inserted at the neck of the bottle, positioning it below the content, to verify the correct temperature of the wine within a range from 4° to 22°C and to be able to savor the taste, perceive the perfume, identify the aromas that distinguish the wine.

Optimal serving temperatures for wines

Sparkling wines and prosecco: 4-6 ° C (below 4 ° C the taste of the wine becomes imperceptible)

White and rosé wines: 12-14 ° C (maximum 14 ° C for ripe whites and rosé)

Red wines: 14-20 ° C (new wines at 14 ° C, old wines maximum at 20 ° C, beyond which only alcohol is felt)