A complete line of fever thermometers for the whole family.

In addition to the classic Fevertest, the new Fevercontrol is available this year for measuring the body temperature of adults, even more beautiful, practical and useful. For newborns, 48h Fevermonitor is renewed, maintaining the same characteristics that have made it the only thermometer-monitor of its kind over the years.

termometri certificati ce CE Certified Medical device with European Directive 93/42 / EEC


CE Certified Medical Device (D.E. 93/42 / EEC) Fever thermometers for retailers in the pharmacy channel

It allows you to measure fever in just 15 seconds, has a handy pocket size that allows it to be used anywhere.

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48h Fevermonitor

CE Certified Medical Device (D.E. 93/42 / EEC)

Baby thermometer for large-scale distribution

It allows you to monitor body temperature for 48 hours, highlighting a feverish state.

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CE Certified Medical Device (D.E. 93/42 / EEC)

Forehead thermometer for wholesalers

It indicates in 15 seconds if the body temperature is normal (N) or if there is a feverish state (37-38-39-40°C).

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